Friday, March 9, 2012

Week 6 - What A Fright!

The scariest thing that has ever happened to me would have to be one of a few things its two hard to choose. The first would be when i was lit on fire, this is pretty easy to describe. It was hot, painful, and bright I wasn't even playing with fire this was actually an accident, with all the times I've played with fire this was the least expectant time for me to be lit on fire. another possibility is when i was a few years back when i was attacked by a snake it was a baby cottonmouth, babies being the deadliest because they don't know how much poison to use so they use it all did i mention my biggest fear in life is snakes. Or it might have been when i realized that life is not one stupid thing after another, its the same stupid thing over and over.


  1. You're hilarious. I love the comment you made at the end. Okay so,it really doesn't surprise me that you've been lit on fire...

  2. This was interesting, because I doubt anyone really knows that your fear is of snakes.