Friday, January 27, 2012

My Animal

If i was any animal than i would: I am the pack wolf because i am a brutal hunter and i stalk in a pack i follow my prey in a pack. we don't allow women to break our pack we are strong we are the pack of two and no one can break that. i am a pack wolf because i am strong and fast. I am fearless alone or in my pack. we stick together or hunt alone always watching and always winning this is our creed. So beware we are the pack wolves. alone we are strong together we are unbeatable. this is a link to the other pack wolf
we stick together or hunt alone always watching always winning.

Friday, January 13, 2012

rules of facebook

Facebook is in my opinion stupid not the site, not the idea of it, but what it is. People get on facebook for hours to poke and tag and play games. Well don't poke the sleeping bear. People compete to get the most friends on facebook which is just stupid people they don't even know and they give them: full name, e-mail, address, phone number, hey while I'm at it why don't i give you my mothers maiden name my pets name and all of the other security questions answers. Tools who think privacy is lame so they tell the world their deepest darkest secrets i remember when that was called a diary and was hidden from other peoples eyes.

Monday, January 9, 2012

week 1 a special meeting

If i could meet any 1 person dead or alive I would choose to meet Nevil Maskelyne. My first question for him would be why he decided to attack the telegraph machine? Why did he not simply tell developers so that they could fix the errors? Without being able to hear his answer I would then ask: why did you choose to reveal the flaws In the manner he did rather than tell the people or the newspapers? I would tell him i understand why he did it in part but also ask: why in whole did send insults over the telegraph rather than just simply tell them what the flaws were wear they all could hear? Why did he choose to look in to wireless technologies? My final question would be what helped you the most in your research?