Friday, March 16, 2012

week 7 - Literary death match

On the right we have Edger Allen Poe up against Henry David Thoreau its a close match but Thoreau uses his neck beard for the win. On the left we have Christopher Columbus up against Patrick Henry. Henry wins because Columbus sucks. below them we have Frederick Douglas against Abraham Lincoln. The fight is a good one but Lincoln hits him with his vampire hunter axe and wins. Last we have Montressor versus Emily Greirson. Emily throws poison but Montressor builds a wall. poison breaks and enhances the thrown bricks Montressor wins. Now on the left we have Patrick Henry Versus Abraham Lincoln Henry get surprises with an axe in the back and is quickly defeated. Lastly we have Thoreau versus Montressor. Montressor builds a quick wall but Thoreau uses his neck beard and tips it over crushing Montressor. Finality we have the match of a century Abraham Lincoln, Vampire slayer versus very Thoreau Neck beard. Lincoln launches a bolt from his crossbow but Thoreau takes it in the neck beard and returns with a beard swipe but Lincoln severs the whole beard with one sweep of his axe taking Thoreau's head with it. The winner is Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Slayer.


  1. The whole vampire slayer thing totally worked out for Abe. I think neck beard would have totally won against Abraham Lincoln though. How could his stylish beard not be a winner?