Friday, April 27, 2012

Week 3A - If I Were A...

If i were a superhero, I would be Mr. Manhattan. Mr. Manhattan is the most powerful being in the universe for the following reasons: he can teleport to anywhere, he can create an explosion any size he wants it to be, he can replicate himself, he can affect reality. and i believe that he is only blue because he doesn't care.
If i were a color, i would be the color of cool. not cool like temperature but cool like the Fonz. i can turn on a jukebox without hitting it because its not the hit that turns it on its the pure coolness.
If i were a type of music, I would be metal. in the immortal words of steel panther, "death to all but metal".


  1. ha ha! u r so right about all that stuff! except 4 being cool cuz u r definitely NOT! ha ha jk u rock!